Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Website creation for the logo.

Today I want to talk about creating a website for the company "Bestreparatur". I remind you that we have decided to first develop a company logo. I wrote about this in a previous post:
After approval version of the logo, I proceed to further work - website creation.
Creating the logo, I take care of the future elements of the site. On the basis of the developed style was decent user interface. Icons, font and background colors are depicted in the style of the elements of the logo.

When you hover over a menu item, it is highlighted, and all the services of the company assembled in the drop down menu.

So, as visitors often look to the center of the screen, I used bright banner on the home page. Banner consists of three items that briefly tell visitors about the benefits of the company.

On the other pages of the site I do not place a banner. Instead, the visitor is invited to information.

Also developed an adaptive style for mobile devices.

After approval of the design was created a template for CMS WordPress using HTML5 and CSS3. The system is installed, the theme is loaded, that's all! Website creation is complete. Complete version can be viewed here: 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Create a logo for private company.

One day, through a social network, I was contacted by my friend for help. He lives in Germany and decided to open his own firm to repair computers and smartphones. It was necessary to create a website for the company. But every self-respecting company should have a logo which reflects its name and activities. Therefore, it was decided to first create the logo and only then begin to create a site. In this article I want to tell you how to easily create a logo for private company.
Firm "Bestreparatur" has been repairing computers, laptops, smart phones, as well as installation and configuration of related programs. Should be reflected in the logo of the company's operations and indicate that all these services are linked together. First I showed the company's activities in the form of icons, which can be later used in the design of the site. The wishes of the client was to use green color for small objects and orange color for  large objects, so the icons will green color. To reflect the relationship between all the icons, I arranged them in a circle and joined together. In the space successfully entered the word "best", and "reparatur" I separated color.

And one last touch - need to use the color orange for what some large element. The logo is large and bright on the left but on the right, he just goes into the void. Need to give the logo a balance and to put the final point. I painted orange rectangle as background for an inscription "reparatur". This proved a very good solution! Look like a rectangle can be used in different printed products. It can be both long and short. It can be used as a background for other elements. Plus, it sets the style for the rest of the design as a separate element of the background. 

I want to give a little advice for novice designers: "If you do logo design, still need to take care of its organic combination with any other product. Whether it's a website or printing. Since the logo is actually a face of the company."
In the next article I will talk about the design of the site "Bestreparatur". Do not miss and good luck!

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Advertising design and style. Company "Comfix".

One day I had a problem with my laptop, and I turned to the nearest company to repair and sale of computers "Comfix". My computer immediately get professional help, and the problem was solved. We talked with the owner of the company, and he learned that I am graphic designer. He suggested that I develop advertising design and style for company.
It was necessary to develop a non-beautiful and sophisticated design, namely, advertising design. The client must first pay attention to the activities of the company, then on contacts and then the name and logo. After all, if the client computer is broken, then it is primarily interested in, whether it is there to help and only then - the name of the firm and how beautiful their logo. However, the design of the logo should also be stylish and memorable for customers who have already been in the company. The design should be in three languages: Russian, Hebrew and English.
The firm already had an old logo, it was necessary to update it.

The last character X stands out for its style from the general text, and I decided to leave it, and change the font. Also, on the basis of the letter X, I drew the logo in the form of a chip. Thus, a new logo symbolizes the company's activities and maintains the connection with the old logo.

When I created print design, I got the idea to separate the logo in the form of a triangle. So the project has elements of triangles, which I used, when developed a user interface design. Text I placed in order of importance. The company operates in the Russian-speaking area of ​​the city and most of the customers speak Russian. Customers who speak Hebrew - in second place.

As more advertising, I would recommend  to use the stickers on computers and laptops, and customers has always been see a clue where to go in case of another problem.

After repairing, the computer can be put in a bag with the company logo and telephone of the company.

Web design must also meet the general style.

And, of course, should go to the client in a car with a proprietary design in the original T-shirt.

I hope advertising design and recommendations will help the company "Comfix" to expand its activities and achieve great success. Good luck!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Berries in Israel.

Israel in the markets you can find many exotic fruits and vegetables, however, berries such as mulberry or blackberry rare. But many farmers invites all interested persons to collect berries and fruits in season. You just pay for entrance and can overeat berries you like. If you want to gain the fruits of home, you just weigh them to go out and buy as the market. These farms are located throughout Israel in the villages (Kfar and kibbutzim). We live in Haifa and decided to find mulberries, blackberries or raspberries near Haifa.
Near the town of Nahariya, a villageBen Ami. And near Ben Ami, a private farm “Bustan Organy.” “Bustan Organy” is translated as “organic orchard,” and the name of their website (“katif petel”) translates as gathering raspberries. We decided to go it there.

At Bat Galim station we took the train to Nahariya. Two round-trip ticket (four tickets) cost 82 NIS. Tickets for the train schedule can be found on the official website of “Israel Railways.” In Nahariya only one station, so that the past will not pass. After we have reached on foot to the bus station (very close to it) and caught the bus to the side of the medical center near the village of Ben Ami. According to Google’s other side there’s a lot of buses, we went there at 41, back to 36. One ticket cost about 5 NIS. Came to a stop on the right against the medical center and passed a little walk in the opposite direction to the path going off to the side of the road. Coming in from the small bridge, we hit the street “Ahoshel” and walked straight to the index farm “Bustan Organy.” Entrance cost 30 shekels per person. The owner gave us plastic containers and said that everything is possible eat, but if we want to take the berries home, it costs 30 NIS per kilo.

In “Bustan Organy” a lot of berries. Mulberries, blackberries, several varieties of raspberries, still strange and unknown berries. Just a lot of different fruit trees. Cherry is not there, but her hands full in every market. Read more about the types of fruits and berries in the “Bustan Organy” can be read official website.

Towards the end we all exhausted, overeat and decided to go back. We are collected two kilograms – 60 shekels. It’s not cheap, but it is much cheaper than to get to picking berries without a car, such as the Golan Heights.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Volunteer project "Moving Forward". Identity.

"Moving Forward" - a volunteer project to help children - Ethiopians in Israel. Volunteers help immigrants from Ethiopia to adapt to the country. The project offers assistance in the education of children, the center of education and youth employment, educational section. Project goal: improving education and reducing youth crime. The slogan of the project: "In the best tomorrow."
To attract attention, the project needed a bright and cheerful identity, so to me for help addressed project manager Yasso Shifraw.
It was necessary to develop a logo, design elements for the group on facebook and style concept for printing.

In such projects, frequently used badges, and I decided to design a logo in a circular format. The logo depicts children holding hands on the background of arrows that represent the name of the project - "Moving Forward". Below is a slogan on a background with rays of the sun, which confirm the meaning of the words: "In the best tomorrow." I decided to reflect in the logo and flag of Israel.
Was very bright and cheerful logo for child and youth organizations.

Based on the logo were drafted icons and avatars for the group on facebook.

As facebook covers and posters, I made a collage of images of children engaged in education. I'm always in his work using positive pictures, even if at the moment, these children are not doing well. Negative images, contrary to popular belief, rarely attract people. Photos of cheerful children are more attracted attention and, most importantly, put a goal to be pursued.

The print design concept was developed for further refinement as needed.

I hope my work will help the movement to attract more attention and achieve their goals. Good luck!

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

The store "Dolphin". Identity.

"Dolphin" - is a major store for bathroom and toilet. The store specializes in the sale of furniture, sanitary ware and plumbing.
I received an order to develop a corporate identity for the store. It was necessary to develop a logo, print design, design for outdoor advertising and web design.