Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Website creation for the logo.

Today I want to talk about creating a website for the company "Bestreparatur". I remind you that we have decided to first develop a company logo. I wrote about this in a previous post:
After approval version of the logo, I proceed to further work - website creation.
Creating the logo, I take care of the future elements of the site. On the basis of the developed style was decent user interface. Icons, font and background colors are depicted in the style of the elements of the logo.

When you hover over a menu item, it is highlighted, and all the services of the company assembled in the drop down menu.

So, as visitors often look to the center of the screen, I used bright banner on the home page. Banner consists of three items that briefly tell visitors about the benefits of the company.

On the other pages of the site I do not place a banner. Instead, the visitor is invited to information.

Also developed an adaptive style for mobile devices.

After approval of the design was created a template for CMS WordPress using HTML5 and CSS3. The system is installed, the theme is loaded, that's all! Website creation is complete. Complete version can be viewed here: 

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