Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Create a logo for private company.

One day, through a social network, I was contacted by my friend for help. He lives in Germany and decided to open his own firm to repair computers and smartphones. It was necessary to create a website for the company. But every self-respecting company should have a logo which reflects its name and activities. Therefore, it was decided to first create the logo and only then begin to create a site. In this article I want to tell you how to easily create a logo for private company.
Firm "Bestreparatur" has been repairing computers, laptops, smart phones, as well as installation and configuration of related programs. Should be reflected in the logo of the company's operations and indicate that all these services are linked together. First I showed the company's activities in the form of icons, which can be later used in the design of the site. The wishes of the client was to use green color for small objects and orange color for  large objects, so the icons will green color. To reflect the relationship between all the icons, I arranged them in a circle and joined together. In the space successfully entered the word "best", and "reparatur" I separated color.

And one last touch - need to use the color orange for what some large element. The logo is large and bright on the left but on the right, he just goes into the void. Need to give the logo a balance and to put the final point. I painted orange rectangle as background for an inscription "reparatur". This proved a very good solution! Look like a rectangle can be used in different printed products. It can be both long and short. It can be used as a background for other elements. Plus, it sets the style for the rest of the design as a separate element of the background. 

I want to give a little advice for novice designers: "If you do logo design, still need to take care of its organic combination with any other product. Whether it's a website or printing. Since the logo is actually a face of the company."
In the next article I will talk about the design of the site "Bestreparatur". Do not miss and good luck!

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