Saturday, August 16, 2014

Advertising design and style. Company "Comfix".

One day I had a problem with my laptop, and I turned to the nearest company to repair and sale of computers "Comfix". My computer immediately get professional help, and the problem was solved. We talked with the owner of the company, and he learned that I am graphic designer. He suggested that I develop advertising design and style for company.
It was necessary to develop a non-beautiful and sophisticated design, namely, advertising design. The client must first pay attention to the activities of the company, then on contacts and then the name and logo. After all, if the client computer is broken, then it is primarily interested in, whether it is there to help and only then - the name of the firm and how beautiful their logo. However, the design of the logo should also be stylish and memorable for customers who have already been in the company. The design should be in three languages: Russian, Hebrew and English.
The firm already had an old logo, it was necessary to update it.

The last character X stands out for its style from the general text, and I decided to leave it, and change the font. Also, on the basis of the letter X, I drew the logo in the form of a chip. Thus, a new logo symbolizes the company's activities and maintains the connection with the old logo.

When I created print design, I got the idea to separate the logo in the form of a triangle. So the project has elements of triangles, which I used, when developed a user interface design. Text I placed in order of importance. The company operates in the Russian-speaking area of ​​the city and most of the customers speak Russian. Customers who speak Hebrew - in second place.

As more advertising, I would recommend  to use the stickers on computers and laptops, and customers has always been see a clue where to go in case of another problem.

After repairing, the computer can be put in a bag with the company logo and telephone of the company.

Web design must also meet the general style.

And, of course, should go to the client in a car with a proprietary design in the original T-shirt.

I hope advertising design and recommendations will help the company "Comfix" to expand its activities and achieve great success. Good luck!

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