Monday, June 9, 2014

Volunteer project "Moving Forward". Identity.

"Moving Forward" - a volunteer project to help children - Ethiopians in Israel. Volunteers help immigrants from Ethiopia to adapt to the country. The project offers assistance in the education of children, the center of education and youth employment, educational section. Project goal: improving education and reducing youth crime. The slogan of the project: "In the best tomorrow."
To attract attention, the project needed a bright and cheerful identity, so to me for help addressed project manager Yasso Shifraw.
It was necessary to develop a logo, design elements for the group on facebook and style concept for printing.

In such projects, frequently used badges, and I decided to design a logo in a circular format. The logo depicts children holding hands on the background of arrows that represent the name of the project - "Moving Forward". Below is a slogan on a background with rays of the sun, which confirm the meaning of the words: "In the best tomorrow." I decided to reflect in the logo and flag of Israel.
Was very bright and cheerful logo for child and youth organizations.

Based on the logo were drafted icons and avatars for the group on facebook.

As facebook covers and posters, I made a collage of images of children engaged in education. I'm always in his work using positive pictures, even if at the moment, these children are not doing well. Negative images, contrary to popular belief, rarely attract people. Photos of cheerful children are more attracted attention and, most importantly, put a goal to be pursued.

The print design concept was developed for further refinement as needed.

I hope my work will help the movement to attract more attention and achieve their goals. Good luck!

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