Thursday, June 26, 2014

Berries in Israel.

Israel in the markets you can find many exotic fruits and vegetables, however, berries such as mulberry or blackberry rare. But many farmers invites all interested persons to collect berries and fruits in season. You just pay for entrance and can overeat berries you like. If you want to gain the fruits of home, you just weigh them to go out and buy as the market. These farms are located throughout Israel in the villages (Kfar and kibbutzim). We live in Haifa and decided to find mulberries, blackberries or raspberries near Haifa.
Near the town of Nahariya, a villageBen Ami. And near Ben Ami, a private farm “Bustan Organy.” “Bustan Organy” is translated as “organic orchard,” and the name of their website (“katif petel”) translates as gathering raspberries. We decided to go it there.

At Bat Galim station we took the train to Nahariya. Two round-trip ticket (four tickets) cost 82 NIS. Tickets for the train schedule can be found on the official website of “Israel Railways.” In Nahariya only one station, so that the past will not pass. After we have reached on foot to the bus station (very close to it) and caught the bus to the side of the medical center near the village of Ben Ami. According to Google’s other side there’s a lot of buses, we went there at 41, back to 36. One ticket cost about 5 NIS. Came to a stop on the right against the medical center and passed a little walk in the opposite direction to the path going off to the side of the road. Coming in from the small bridge, we hit the street “Ahoshel” and walked straight to the index farm “Bustan Organy.” Entrance cost 30 shekels per person. The owner gave us plastic containers and said that everything is possible eat, but if we want to take the berries home, it costs 30 NIS per kilo.

In “Bustan Organy” a lot of berries. Mulberries, blackberries, several varieties of raspberries, still strange and unknown berries. Just a lot of different fruit trees. Cherry is not there, but her hands full in every market. Read more about the types of fruits and berries in the “Bustan Organy” can be read official website.

Towards the end we all exhausted, overeat and decided to go back. We are collected two kilograms – 60 shekels. It’s not cheap, but it is much cheaper than to get to picking berries without a car, such as the Golan Heights.

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