Friday, May 9, 2014

Website design and logo design for the company “Alliance”.

During my work with the company “United Designers“, I received an order for website design and logo design for the company “Alliance“.
Company “Alliance” is engaged in construction of water wells and installation of all types of drilling rigs. The company already had a logo and website, but, due to modernization, needed a new website design and logo design.

Old logo was designed as a pyramid, which symbolizes the rig.

I decided to give a more rigorous pyramid image and use it as the first letter of the company name. Replaced with a more appropriate font style and align text and image. Was very stylish logo business company. Logo looks great on the website and on the printed product.

On request, a cap was necessary to place a schematic representation of the rig and menus. I decided to add an image of text, and use the menu icon in the form of a logo. Logo itself very neatly fit into the left side.

In accordance with this style, the design has been developed of all pages of a website.
I created the layout gave coder and programmer for further work.
Ready Website Design and Logo Design Company “Alliance” can be viewed at: “

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